Adobe Character Animator Download [Updated 2020]

The name is self-explanatory – it is an application designated explicitly for character animation. As simple as it seems, the task performed by it is rather complicated and praiseworthy. This Emmy Award for Technology and Engineering winner assuredly has some creative minds behind its design. Without creating any further suspense, let’s break the ice and discuss what it really is and what are its breath-taking functions.

Adobe Character Animator download

Adobe Character Animator Overview:

Adobe Character Animator brings 2D characters to life! Okay, I know it’s not as simple as I stated it to be. Some of you may be startled by my statement, while others (who have precise knowledge of the software’s functions) would be thinking of my words as an exaggeration. Let’s clear it out. When I say, ‘bring to life,’ I don’t literally mean that they become living human beings (obviously not). I mean to say that the initially designed artwork is converted into a puppet.

main overview of Adobe Character Animator

This is possible through advanced technology integration into the software. It contains the combination of motion-capture tools and a multi-track recording system that mainly powers its functions.

Create a character

To create a fully animated character, you first need a drawing. This could either be imported directly from Photoshop and Illustrator or chosen from built-in character templates. Once you have the character with you, you are all set to animate it. Also, download Photoshop Elements Latest Version

Begin the animation!

The layered 2D creations are transformed into ‘puppets’ to which you can assign any behavior. Powered by Adobe Sensei AI, Character Animator can recognize facial features and body structures in drawings, rig them, and prepare them for real-time motion capture. Real-time motion capture is where using your webcam and microphone, Character Animator matches your expressions. When you smile, look surprised, or nod your head, your character does, too.

You heard me!

It actually can!

The face expression tracker and the advanced lip-syncing algorithm makes this mimicry possible. So, you can practically make your character copy whatever you do in real-time! Not just this, the detailing of the software is commendable. It can even recognize pupil and eyebrow movements, which is bound to provide more expressiveness.
What’s more impressive is that the entire process is very streamlined, fast, and seamless. This means that the character can quickly react to any changes in movements and make smooth transitions. It is so resource-light that creators can even Livestream their work sessions! Also, download Foxit Reader Portable Free Download

What’s more?

Along with puppet motion editing and live motion capture, the application also provides a comprehensive toolset for managing scenes, timeline, etc.
Once you create the video sequence, with the animated characters, backgrounds, scene camera cuts, lip-synced audio, audio replays, keyframes, and transitions, it can easily be exported in a wide array of supported formats, stored in your PC, or directly transported to other Adobe apps such as After Effects and Premiere Pro.

To sum it up

Altogether, it is a high functioning application with astounding abilities. There are many users of Adobe Character Animator worldwide, ranging from Hollywood studios to online content creators. Be a part of this fun-filled experience and start Adobe Character Animator download.

Download Adobe Character Animator 2020 Version for Free:

Download Here

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