Adobe Illustrator Portable Download [Updated 2020]

If you belong to the creative industry, you have probably heard, or most likely, used Adobe Illustrator Portable Download. As a designer and artist, it’s one of your academic and practical life’s fundamental and core aspects. But what about the newbies who have no clue about what Adobe Illustrator is and what are its abilities and functions? Fret not! The following section is primarily written for you!

Adobe Illustrator portable download

What is Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics tool that aids in creating proficient and precise visual artwork with its infinitely scalable graphics.
Seems too encyclopedic, right? Let’s simplify it.

Basically, Adobe Illustrator is a graphic designing tool. It is used to create drawings, illustrations, and artwork. Think of the cartoons on a cereal box, the graphs in a business presentation, the logo of a company, or the advertising posters. They’re all easily created using Adobe Illustrator likeĀ Adobe Character Animator 2020

designing mode in Adobe Illustrator

The distinguishing feature of Adobe Illustrator is its use of Vector graphics. Don’t be dazzled by the term. It simply means that the artwork’s quality created using Illustrator is not compromised when the image is enlarged or reduced. This is due to the set of polygons or mathematical lines, arcs, etc. used by Illustrator. This gives Illustrator an edge over other editing tools like its sibling Adobe Photoshop. which uses Raster graphics (pixel grids to render images). When this type of image is sufficiently zoomed in, the individual pixels that form the image become visible, leading to a loss of image quality. Due to this, Illustrator is especially preferred for creating large images such as billboard signs or printed graphics.
That was quite an introduction. Now let’s jump over to have a look at Illustrator’s distinguishing abilities and functionalities.

Extensive Tools

Adobe Illustrator has a wide array of tools. Be it the Ruler, Clipping Mask, Layer panel, Grid, or Offset path. They’re all highly functional and highly impressive. Such is their sophistication that they significantly reduce the time needed to create illustrations. These instruments are not only designed to create convenience, but rather to give a beautiful and idealistic finishing. The ‘Bristle’ and ‘Blob’ brush are two good examples from the brush palette. One designed to provide a natural look with realistic strokes, and the other to create a single vector shape. Apart from the tools mentioned above, some other prominent features include 3D effects, live distortion, shape builder, the possibility to blend shapes, Gaussian blur, and more.

Intuitive Interface

Illustrator features an intuitive interface that gives it a competitive edge. It is easy to navigate, operate, and move around the different workspaces. Furthermore, fluid maintenance of various layouts allows you to maximize productivity. It provides control over the various tools, their transparency, and functionality same as in Adobe Photoshop 7.0. Illustrator’s accuracy is undoubtable as it is powered by a reliable image-tracing engine, which ensures your creations are precise and clean. Without a doubt, Illustrator is a program that is ‘easy-peasy and a little bit breezy.’

Portable Access

What more do you need if you can have the software on the go? Yes, you heard me! Adobe Illustrator is now available in a portable version. This means that it is light on your computer, does not require installation, and can be contained within a device as small as a USB stick. Also, check outĀ Adobe Photoshop Elements Free 2020
What are you waiting for then? Download Adobe Illustrator Portable now!

Download Adobe Illustrator Portable Version For free:

Download Here

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