Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015 Download

As is deducible by its name, Adobe Media Encoder is a program primarily used for encoding. I know that’s a somewhat native description of the program’s function. Let’s take an in-depth look at what it actually is.

This engine is used to compress audio and video files generated using Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, Adobe Character Animator, etc. Although it seamlessly integrates with its siblings from Adobe, you can also use it as a stand-alone encoder.

adobe media encoder 2015 download

Typically, when a project is rendered, it is rather large in file size. This makes it incapable of playing smoothly on devices without fast processors or uploading it on the web. Hence, it must be compressed. This is where Adobe Media Encoder CC comes in handy. It allows you to encode and transcode your files into various formats, enabling it to be uploaded to websites like YouTube.

The great encoding feature.

To sum it up, Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015 is a great tool to encode your videos into any format you want to. With its intuitive interface, the task is simplified even further. It is broken down into four main categories: The queue, pre-set browser, encoding, and the watch folder, each of which is assigned a specific task. The queue has all the files that are added to be encoded, the file browser includes the various formats into which you can encode those files, encoding is where the transformation actually takes place, and the watch folder allows you to view the transformed files to ensure that the encoded file is supported and working correctly. Also, try Corel Painter Essentials 5 Download

So far, I have been focusing on the single feature of encoding. Well, mainly because it is the most highlighted function and the primary purpose of the program’s creation. However, don’t misinterpret it. There are other features embedded in the program to ensure that the rendering process is smooth and the quality is uncompromised.

Need some final tuning?

Before you encode the video, you can make some final touch-ups and ensure that the rendered video is perfect. Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015 has the ability to auto-adjust any issues with noise, loudness. Furthermore, any camera jitters can be removed with the program’s stabilization ability for action camera videos. Lastly, with the ability to process high-quality videos, up to 4k resolution formats, you can achieve the highest quality and make no compromise on the video’s resolution.

making a design in media encoder

Have multiple documents to be encoded?

Generally, rendering is a hefty load of work, especially for high-quality video effects and images, making it a time-consuming process. A faster processor could speed up the process, but that’s not a solution for all. What Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015 has done is pretty impressive. With its queuing function, you can apply queue on the videos, i.e., the videos will continue rendering on the background; meanwhile, you can execute another task.

That’s not it! There’s a lot more.

These are just some of the main functionalities of the application. This robust and efficient tool serves a great purpose with its undeniably great abilities. Download Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015 now and experience its true potential.

Download Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015 For Free:

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