Adobe Photoshop Elements Free Download [Updated 2020]

Photoshop Elements (free) is an image editing software developed by Adobe Systems that allows users to create incredible images with intuitive and astounding effects. So, how is it any different from Photoshop? And what was the need for its development when Photoshop itself is doing well?

adobe photoshop elements download 2020

To say it forthrightly, Photoshop Elements is a junior version of the standard Photoshop. It is specifically designed to aid beginners with their image editing needs. A highly probable reason for its name – it contains some aspects of Photoshop. The simplified tools and features integrated into the software offer image enthusiasts many functionalities but a lot less than its big brother. Also, download Adobe Muse Download Free [2020 Updated]

Adobe Photoshop Elements Full Overview:

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a highly comprehensive software that allows you to perform all sorts of basic editing, organizing, and enhancing functions with your images, without requiring professional photo editing skills and the dreading learning curve of Photoshop.

Simple UI Design

Although based on Adobe Photoshop, it has a much simpler toolset. The most significant simplification is its interface that is broadly broken down into two main components: The Organizer and the Editor. Both of these tools are seamlessly and effortlessly accessible through the program’s main menu. Beware! When I say simple, I DO NOT mean that its design has been compromised.

main look of elements photoshop

Instead, it has been reworked to present tools, working spaces, and panels clearly. It still contains the same sleek, elegant dark interface. With the removal of advanced and professional elements, evidently, there has been a reduction in the program’s tools, making the UI less cluttered, which allows more space and better accessibility of each of the present tools.

Elements Organizer

The Organizer acts as a search engine for the images. An in-depth look at it shows us that it’s not just like any other image finder; it is much more powerful as you can browse photos and videos through a combination of people, places, events, etc. Furthermore, it allows you to perform certain basic functionalities there and then – you can add a caption, rate, use as wallpaper, and add name tags to them, right from the Media Browser.

Elements Editor

The Image Editor is the heart of Adobe Photoshop Elements that contains all the tools you need. It is broken down into different modes so you can select the exact level based on your expertise.

  • Full mode – provides all the tools to edit, share, and design all sorts of images.
  • Quick mode – allows you to apply some quick automatic fixes to your photos.
  • Guided mode – helps you to use certain elaborate effects in an easy, step-by-step process.

Be it essential functions like cropping, trimming, rotating, or more complex tasks like creating a collage, removing the Red Eye, or moving objects around the image, it’s all possible with Elements. The added feature of smooth integration with a mobile device is like the cherry on the cake, so you can sync and view the image quickly and efficiently on any device you own! Get Adobe Photoshop CS6 Portable 2020 Free Download

Closing Statement

To sum it up, Adobe Photoshop Elements is a great yet simple application for image editing and sharing. It combines the power of Adobe’s tools with a more straightforward interface.

Still doubtful? Why hesitate to take a field test when it’s free? Download Photoshop Elements free now and test it for yourself!

Download Adobe Photoshop Elements Free Full Version For Free:

Download Here

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