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Autodesk Maya is a highly professional and interactive 3D computer graphics application. With the vast array of fields it aids in, it has become one of the most popular and highly reckoned software.

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Maya – the history:

Autodesk Maya was never originally a creation of Autodesk. Instead, it’s a composite of three different applications developed by Alias Systems Corporation that were later acquired by Autodesk. They were:

Advanced Visualizer: graphics software.

Power Animator: 3D modeling, visual effects, and animations program.
Alias Sketch: sketching application.

In 2005, the three were combined and led to Maya’s inception – a 3D computer animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering software. The dynamic and extensive toolset incorporated into the software makes the creation of virtually anything possible. So now, the only limitation would be your imagination.

Maya – an industry leading software

Maya’s proficiency is globally acknowledged and conceded by animators all around the world. The efficiency and creativity it pours into your work are ever admirable and undeniable. Assuredly, there is a reason that well-known films like Frozen, Harry Potter, Avatar, Transformers, etc., have rendered the services of Maya to produce their awe-inspiring visual effects and animation. Think of it as a magical wand – a touch of it and voila! The imagination turned into a commendable practical reality.

maya main dashboard

Maya – a robust software indeed!

Obviously, I laid it on thick; it isn’t practically a magical wand. You need to put in a lot of effort to yield the results you wish for. But clearly, ‘no pain, no gain,’ right? So, a fact to acknowledge here is that Maya is not easy to use. If truth be told, beginners will be completely lost. However, this degree of complexity is evident, owing to the size of the application and the various elements it embeds. You can also download Adobe Photoshop CC Lite Portable Download

Although being feature-rich, Maya’s interface is, in fact, surprisingly well organized with different tabs for each of the elements like dynamics, animation, or polygons. Contained within each of these tabs are advanced editing features.

To cut the long story short, although complicated but still well laid out considering the comprehensive toolset. Plus, in this era of free video tutorials and start-up tips, is there really anything unmanageable?
Maya – a look at its features
With that settled, let’s now have a sneak-peak at Maya’s Pros and Cons.


  • Maya is an all-rounder, with finesse in practically every aspect of creativity.
  • It outsmarts Autodesk’s own designing products (like 3DS Max) when it comes to animation.
  • It is a perfect application with every tool required to make realistic animations and characters.
  • It has incredible motion-capture handling.
  • Maya has a free-form approach. It makes 3D modeling, organic modeling, and animation practically limitless with great modeling layers and poly tools.
  • It allows free-hand drawing with Paint Effects.
  • Lastly, Rendering. Although it is excellent in Maya, you can always add on any plugin if you like.


  • Maya has a dreaded steep learning curve.
  • Working with the node editor is a bit cumbersome.
  • Scene hierarchy – Ah, it is a headache-inducer.
  • Amidst being an Autodesk product (which practically means it seamlessly integrates into other Autodesk software), there are some compatibility issues in this regard.

So, what did you decide? If you want the industry’s favourite 3D animator, start Autodesk Maya download now!

Download Autodesk Maya Full 2020 Version for Free:

Download Here

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