Clip Studio Paint Download [Updated 2020]

Clip Studio Paint Free Download is accurately marketed as the ‘artist’s software for drawing and painting’. With its highly useful and advanced tools, it allows you to create awe-striking, professional-quality drawings and animations. Previously marketed as Manga Studio, this Japanese art software is home to many manga and comic artists.

clip studio free download

Unlike the direct implication its name gives, Clip Studio Paint download is used for a variety of digital creation. This includes comics, illustration, character art, painting, and 2D animations explicitly. In all likelihood, to support the creation of each of these, there is a need for standard and advanced level toolset, both of which are sufficiently provided in the application.

Painting Tools

As a traditional painter, you have various options to style your painting, each of which gives a different effect and detailing to it. The same can be achieved with a variety of painting styles, such as oil paint, watercolour, etc., built in Clip Studio Paint same as in Corel Painter 2021. You can either select a pre-set brush from the library or customize your own brushes to paint in your favourite style or give a traditional look by adding textures to your brushes. Equally important as brushes are colours.

making anime scene in clip studio

Clip Studio Paint understands this importance and gives you a wide range of colours with over six palettes and the option of eyedrop colours from your desktop. When the two are combined (brushes and colours), you get to experience realistic blending seldom found in digital software – accurate colour mixing and smooth strokes of paint.

Drawing Tools – 2D and 3D

The pen you have is smart. When I say it, I mean it! To optimize the accuracy of your drawing, you can set up your pen pressure settings. This enables you to recreate the natural and realistic lines of pen and paper same as in Corel Draw Portable 2020. These realistic and clean lines are obtainable with stabilization and correction features. Furthermore, if you have vector lines, you can easily alter their shape and make adjustments without affecting their quality.

Clip Studio Paint also makes the process quicker. With the decoration brushes, you can replicate intricate patterns like shoelaces, or create city skylines, and even the entire background with a single stroke. So, you don’t have to go around and draw the intersecting and repetitive lines again and again.

That’s for 2D art. What about 3D drawings? Clip Studio Paint has AI-based deep learning algorithms that help you in drawing with freehand as well as perspective rulers so you can create believable and intricate patterns. Also, check out Adobe Character Animator full

Comics Production Tools

Clip Studio Paint has many useful functions that are unique to comic/manga production.
You can instantly start creating work with the pre-set templates and screen tones or take some time to customize and design your own page and tone materials. Furthermore, you can split frames, create frame borders, lines and symmetries, complex gradients, balloons, and a lot more.


All in all, I render myself incapable of reviewing all the features of Clip Studio Paint in such short lines. The product is, in general, impressive and is worth a try. No wonder it has such a huge fan base that isn’t restricted to its place of origin (Japan). You should definitely give it a try, especially when it’s free.

Download Clip Studio Paint free Full:

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