Corel Painter Essentials 5 Download [Updated 2020]

Corel Painter Essentials 5 is a specialized and advanced program with a wealth of tools specially designed for emerging artists and enthusiasts. The plethora of tools and modes it includes is streamlined, making it a slimmed-down version of Painter. It is specifically designed for non-professionals, or should I say for home use? However, don’t get the impression that the capabilities it withholds may be average and disappointing.

Corel Painter Essentials 5 download

The deep toolbox provided under the intuitive layout allows you to turn ordinary everyday images into immensely impressive art. Such is the finesse of the tools that extend the look and feel of physical painting while ensuring convenience.

Corel Painter Essentials 5 is equipped with award-winning Natural-Media brushes that let you create true masterpieces. It is inevitably a timesaving, traditionally integrated painting option with its smart tools like Mirror, Kaleidoscope, and Particle Brushes, whose proficiency and detailing are unmatched, thus transforming your photos into a fine piece of art.

Let me give you an insight into some of its high-functioning tools.

Mirror painting

This is an impressively timesaving option, especially for painting symmetrical objects. With Mirror painting, each of your strokes is replicated onto the opposite side of the canvas with great precision and accuracy. Also, download Corel Painter Free 2021

Kaleidoscope painting

This is mainly a problematic and strenuous task to accomplish in traditional painting, but with Corel Painter Essentials 5, you can easily create beautiful kaleidoscope effects on canvas. You can choose any pattern and colors you like to produce unique kaleidoscopic art same as in Clip Studio Paint 2020.

Brush Power and Natural Media

Every effort has been made to replicate traditional art more realistically. Two features that aid in this objective are the Natural-Media brushes with RealBristle technology and the ability to control and customize brushes’ pressure-sensitivity same as in Corel Draw Portable 2020. Both of these remarkable powers enable you to unleash your real creativity and to ensure capturing every line on your canvas, just the way you would with real-world art materials.

main editing screen

Jitter brushes

When you create physical paintings, there are certain “happy accidents” that can occur. To mimic this randomness and to enhance the realism of your artwork, these brushes can be used to create an even more natural-looking appearance. After all, imperfection also has its own uniqueness!

Auto-painting tools

How about I tell you that you can create amazing paintings without actually doing a thing? That’s right! With the Auto-Painting tool, you can see the magic happening as the smart technology paints a photo for you and adds amazing photo effects while you sit back and watch.

Intuitive user interface

Professionally inspired by Corel Painter, the user interface in Painter Essentials 5 has many of the advanced and high-functioning tools, but with the UI that’s primarily designed for beginners. The program features two workspaces – Drawing & Painting and Photo Painting. You can easily choose your desired space to work with. The first one is where you can first create the image and then add paint to it, whereas the other one is smart that lets you upload a photo and then paint over it.


Corel Painter Essentials 5, if described in a few words, is a digital arts and crafts software but with lesser complications making it a perfect option for all the beginners in computerized painting. Begin Corel Painter Essentials 5 download now!

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